Family Court Racketeering Suit Expands to Name San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith for Use of City Prosecutors to Protect Local Divorce Industry Abuse

Goldsmith Libertarian

Jan Goldsmith Accused in Criminal Racketeering Lawsuit: Using City Attorney’s Office to Prosecute Parents Protesting Divorce Industry Fraud; Claims: “I’m Libertarian”

January 9, 2014—San Diego, CA—Today California Coalition for Families and Children expands their Racketeering lawsuit in federal court to detail San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith’s use of  City Attorney’s Office resources to prosecute critics of the divorce industry.  The federal complaint details Goldsmith’s and Assistant City Attorney Emily Garson’s prosecutorial misconduct in criminal proceedings against the Coalition and it’s President, Colbern Stuart, jailing him on false charges. “Assistant City Attorney Garson’s behavior is criminal-far beyond what prosecutors are permitted. The City’s own documents show she manufactured evidence and testimony.” Says Coalition President Colbern Stuart. Stuart was arrested while protesting with other parent members of the Coalition at an April, 2010 family law seminar hosted by the San Diego County Bar Association. City Attorney Jan Goldsmith is a former Family Court judge, and his wife, Christine Goldsmith, is a sitting judge and Defendant in the Coalition lawsuit.  “Goldsmith’s prosecution of the case reeks of conflict of interest.  He staffed the case with a young prosecutor who apparently didn’t understand the depth of the illegal conduct she was being asked to perform. Obstruction of justice by a prosecutor is a serious felony—a clear and egregious violation of law and ethics rules.”  says Stuart. “She’s being asked to violate clear laws prohibiting prosecution of free speech to protect ravenous divorce lawyers. It’s disgraceful for Goldsmith to lure his young lawyers into this depth of trouble.”

Garson Enforcer

Emily Garson, Point Woman for Divorce Industry Use of City Attorney to Silence Families Fed Up with Divorce Court

“At the very least, it shows extremely poor judgment, but more accurately widespread disregard for the law among those sworn to uphold it in the City Attorney’s Office.  God save us when this egregious misconduct becomes tolerable behavior.”  says Stuart. From the Amended Complaint:

GROCH’S Order and GARSON’S numerous acts of punishment and prosecution of protected speech commentary against the City Attorney, and GARSON’S perjury and subornation of perjury constitute deprivations of STUART’S rights secured under the First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and related provisions of the Constitution of the State of California. Whether shielded from civil accountability or otherwise, the felonies represent a deplorable pattern of contempt of law. They are also RICO predicate crimes under 18 U.S.C. § 1961(1)(A) and (B), as detailed below. GARSON lacked probable cause to initiate the People v. Stuart matter. Her sworn declarations as a complaining witness in doing so are crimes—felonies under federal law—several and severe. STUART has endured years in persecution as a result of such outrageous behavior. He re-appears today to redress those acts for himself and, he prays, thousands of others who have suffered similar and even more outrageous insults, violations, deprivations, and injuries under the indecency of those who today occupy offices of honor, yet who regularly debase those offices while driven by motives no one, perhaps not even they themselves, could honor. That failure, combined with [The Commission on Judicial Performance’s] impotence to swiftly punish the same in deterrence, makes the act of entrusting a complaint to BATTSON and SIMI at outrageous risk of constitutional injury by county judicial officers behaving as a steerage-fare gallery of feckless petit-tyran, perversely immunized under the honor of patriots to indulge frolic, whimsy, and caprice. What shame a profession of reason today endures. Under BATTSON and SIMI’S habituated tolerance for judicial misconduct, disregard of ethical canons and constitutional restrictions on abuse of authority, the mere act of identifying a litigant in an investigation subjects her to jeopardy by officer complained of or the officer’s colleagues acting in lockstep sympathy.


c goldsmith independence

Family Court Judge Christine Goldsmith–Husband City Attorney Jan Goldsmith. A Team of Powerful Supporters for San Diego’s Divorce Industry

Goldsmith, Garson, Nesthus, and Groch’s response to the amended pleading is due later this month. The Amended Complaint also alleges Racketeering counts for honest services fraud, false arrest, and policies by judges, bureaucrats, and administrators causing constitutional injury to parents throughout California.  “Parents can learn a lot about what happened to them in family court by reviewing the complaint–it’s a pattern that we’ve observed in many situations.” Says Stuart.  “If you think it happened to you, California Coalition wants to hear from you.”

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  1. Kara Marie says

    Edlene McKenzie was the judge on my divorce and move-away case. What a horrible judge. When I realized what kind of judge she was, I kept a lot of information regarding events, to myself, in fear that she would take my daughter away and give my ex-husband full custody. I am going to be following this! I am upset that the letter I wrote to her was sent back to me along with a letter stating that a copy of my letter was sent to both attorneys because they considered it ex=parte communication which is odd considering my case was closed and Maricopa County in Arizona has jurisdiction. BUT no record of such letter received and sent exists on my old case in San Diego. I thought I read Canon3b7 correctly but I guess I missed something? Don’t know. Just happy to see something going forward!

  2. says

    I also sent a letter of complaint about a judge to the Courthouse as the CJP said I must do before filing a complaint with them. It was then sent to opposing council and returned to me. Their rules mean nothing to them.
    I also had Edlene McKenzie, she removed by 2 younger girls becuase one of them had poor grades when I discovered she was celiac. I worked hard to get her grades up, but the court saw this as my fault, even when it was the father who didnt get her homework done right before finals when he had weekend with her. It took my girls running away and getting picked up by police a few times before the court finally said that they would not force them to be with their father. My daughter now has permanent arm damage her father inflicted on her when she was 12 and with him, until she ran away. She is doing great now otherwise and feels safe now. She is 17.

  3. Eileen Lasher says

    I want to encourage everyone to watch the movie Boiler Room. What is happening in San Diego Family Law Court is litigants are skip traced. Once it is determined a person has assets all the bells and whistles are attached to a case in order to earn excessive extended numerous revenue streams. A working family law litigant is a whale trade for a family law attorney. You are the perfect target for their scam and everyone earns a Spread. The new trend or pattern of racketeering is separating the children. This creates more conflict and more parasites are attached to the case making it oh so complicated. The bottom line is using a litigant that has a job as a commodity for as long as possible.

  4. says

    How can we get proof of this skip tracing? It makes sense, The litigants without money seem to have very smooth cases, but if one party has money, then everyone pays. In my case my parents had money to loan me, after 2 years of fighting for custody, my girls were back, he never wanted the boys, and I owed over $360,000 to my parents, credit card companies, loan companies, and lawyers. Now I have nothing and am disabled. So I have defaulted on everything, am studying law as best as I can, and taxpayers get to pay for my needs, and for my kids college. All so their millionaire father can dodge all support for 14 years now, with the courts abundant help. Anyway, that is only a small part of my story, which has led me to write about these events and others as well. I would love to get together with anyone following this and brainstorm on how we can help effect change. But really, does anyone know how to get evidence of the skip tracing? My number is 619-851-8236 and my meetup group is San Diego Family Court

  5. says

    I’d give anything to get an attorney to listen to my story about circuit court and cps and the prosecutor in Barbour County West Virginia ????? No one will even consider it !!!

  6. says

    Thank you for this Blog seriously. Thank you. You have done a great job we need more of this stuff, please read mine at thechildpriority .com and keep up the great work!!!

  7. Kenneth-Wayne: Hosey says

    I have a friend in jail, no crime committed, trumped up charges, and fraud committed against him by the office of Jan Goldsmith. I will testify to this under penalty of perjury.

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